Improve your Fitness

-Increases muscle strength & flexiblity.
-Strengthens and enhances posture.
-Improves muscle strength and tone.

Improve your Health

-Gentle training which means no physcial strain of joints and muscles which means you won't put off your training becasue your muscles are sore.
-Improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation so overall your body works better and means you sleep better and feel better.
-Strengthens muscles, particularly the spine/back.
-Fights osteoporosis.>

Improves your well being

-The gentle vibration is like a machine which reduces the effects of stress.
-General improvement of skin quality because your blood is flowing better. This means you start to look younger and your skin looks better.
-You feel revitalised!

Reduces Cellulite

-Stimulates the metabolism and lymph drainage which means your body is more effective at burning fat.